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برای خرید محصول روی دکمه «افزودن به سبد خرید» کلیک کنید، سپس با وارد کردن اطلاعات مورد نیاز به صفحه پرداخت هدایت می شوید، پس از پرداخت موفق مبلغ در صورت خرید محصولات دانلودی لینک دانلود فایلی که خریداری نموده اید به شما نمایش داده خواهد شد و در صورت خرید محصولات فیزیکی، کالا به آدرس شما ارسال خواهد شد.


کتاب Caffè Italia 2

حجم دانلود: 102 مگابایت

A modern, dynamic and thorough course devised by a highly competent group of teachers with a wealth of experience in teaching Italian to foreign students.Using a communicative approach, “Caffè Italia” develops the skills needed for students to complete the class activities autonomously and the broad range of authentic dialogues and texts ensure a steady progression – from simple oral and written comprehension exercises to more advanced examinations of structures and content. The course places a heavy emphasis on lexis and uses a multisensory approach i.e. images, colours, voices and sounds to introduce and revise important vocabulary. Each aspect of grammar and lexis is revised numerous times over and a self-evaluation page at the end of each unit encourages autonomous learning and includes helpful revision tips.

Caffè Italia is a new, three-level Italian program with a modern approach. Created by an expert group of teachers and based on the latest teaching methodologies, the program puts students at the center of the learning process and encouraged to discover the rules and rationales behind the Italian language.

Self-evaluation gives students a way to constantly check their progress while the award-winning graphics and design make working in the book appealing to students.

Caffè Italia reflects a modern, exciting Italy that your students will fall in love with!

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